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Over the years, we have helped grow over 300 businesses online. We are experts in knowing how to brand and make them visible to your audience. We also know how to address all the small technical and visual quirks in between.

Bevit is an award-winning, 5-star-rated marketing agency with an official Meta business partnership and Google Partners accreditation. We hold all 6 Google certifications, and our reputation is highly regarded by clients. Additionally, we are Top Rated on Upwork and Fiverr.




Do you have questions about the growth consultation service? Scroll down to read our FAQs

Thank you for considering to book a consultation with us!

When you book a Bevit Consultation, you should expect to gain new perspectives, new ideas, and a better understanding of how to improve the technical aspects of your business, as well as advertising. We also understand that you may have specific questions and topics you want us to focus on, so we invite you to let us know in the message window on the form.

Our mission before every meeting is to share our 15 years of experience and knowledge with you in the most efficient way possible. Feel free to ask questions, send us NDAs, or anything else you need to make that possible!

One common experience during consultations is people asking if it’s okay to follow up with questions or new ideas after the meeting. The answer to that is always yes! I personally love receiving emails like that and witnessing how we have not only shown you better ways to do things but also motivated you!

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards, Stian Henriksen Bevit Agency



Our growth consultation service is designed to analyze your business, identify opportunities for expansion, and provide tailored strategies to accelerate your growth.

Our comprehensive approach begins with a meticulous examination of your online presence. We start by conducting a thorough technical analysis of your website to ensure it’s running smoothly and optimized for user experience.

Following this, we delve into an in-depth evaluation of your products, brand identity, and presence on social media channels (SoMe). We carefully assess the quality and relevance of your offerings and analyze the consistency and impact of your brand across various platforms.

In addition, we closely examine both current and past marketing campaigns to identify areas for improvement and gather valuable insights. Lastly, we engage in open discussions to explore innovative strategies and unique opportunities that can propel your business forward

“We aim to provide you with your report within 3 business days. If you have scheduled a presentation or meeting with us, we will get in touch to coordinate a suitable time. Typically, we do not send out reports in advance of these meetings unless it is specifically requested or necessary.

Unless you placed the order during the weekend, our typical response time is just a few hours. Please check your spam/junk folder for our message. If you haven’t received a response from us within a day, it’s possible that there was an error in the contact information provided with your order. In that case, please send an email to [email protected], and we will promptly assist you in resolving any issues.”

Please send us an email at contact@bevit-agency, and we will promptly address and rectify any errors.

If you have made a duplicate payment for the same report, our financial team will automatically identify and process a refund. However, we recommend that you inform us so that we can expedite the refund process for you.

We notice mistakes like these quite quickly and we will pause one of them until we have been in contact with you. If it was a duplicate order it will be deleted and refunded right away. 

The report must be paid for before we start working on it. If you are already a Bevit client, we can include the report on your invoice

Unfortunately, we don’t offer invoices or credit for this service unless you are already a Bevit client.

During our busiest periods, we do not accept new orders to ensure that we always have enough resources available for our current clients. If you have already ordered the report, it will be delivered as normal. However, if you clicked on an ad, you should be able to place an order as we always stop advertising when we are fully booked.

Bevit is a certified and trusted Google and Meta partner. We deliver all orders with a signed NDA, and all of our systems run on leading, up-to-date protection software.

All of our payments are handled by the safest payment provider on the market, Stripe.

All data stored about your business, including reports and the evaluation, will be deleted within 72 hours after the evaluation is completed, This includes any access that has been given/provided. Email threads with questions will be routinely deleted every 15 days.

Do you have any questions, or would you like us to sign any additional NDAs? 

Please send us an email at [email protected].


Google Certifications

Google AI Certification

Meta certification.

You can read all about stripes security measurements here


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